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Compared with capsules, it can provide more space for adding raw materials; using different molds, it can produce products with brand characteristics according to customer needs and create company-specific product characteristics. The hardness, flavoring and film coating formula can be adjusted according to customer needs, so in addition to traditional tablets, there are also options for buccal tablets, chewable tablets and enteric tablets.


In-house dosage forms: general tablets, film-coated tablets, enteric film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, chewable tablets, sublingual tablets

General tablets

Chang Gung Biotech-Barley Seedling Tablets-s.gif

Film-coated tablets

Film-coated tablets-s.gif

Sugar-coated tablets

Sugar-coated tablets-s.gif

Chewable Tablets

Royal Treasures--Silver Treasure Lohas Cranberry Chewable Tablets-s.gif

Sublingual tablets

Sublingual tablet.gif
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