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Research and Development

SYi Research Institutions

Scientific Y institution


Yushen Biotech and Yusheng Pharmaceutical belong to the Eusheng Group. In order to cultivate a strong R&D team, the SYi Research Institute (Scientific Y institution) was established in 2000. Here, the functional research team, specialized analysis team, safety research team and product development team conduct scientific and comprehensive evaluations on the physiological activity, pharmacological activity and safety of special raw materials and the main ingredients contained in these materials, not only in the food field, but also in the pharmaceutical field. In recent years, the development of drugs based on natural herbal plants has gradually attracted the attention of the pharmaceutical industry and is called botanical new drugs.

Botanical new drugs generally refer to drugs that use natural plants as raw materials and have therapeutic, preventive or diagnostic effects, including Chinese herbal medicines from the East and folk herbal medicines from the West. With the increasing proportion of the global population aging and the trend of consumers pursuing natural products, botanical drugs have been widely used in disease treatment and improvement of disease symptoms. And because small molecule chemical drugs are highly toxic and have large side effects, the treatment effects of many major diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, nervous system diseases, immunotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., still have a lot of room for improvement, which has further increased the public's expectations for the development of botanical new drugs. Determining whether a certain herbal medicine has the effect of treating a certain disease and conducting research on it is completely aimed at disease treatment. Through more rigorous standardization of the development process, achieving the requirements of safety and efficacy, and then laying out the global healthcare market, it has always been the long-term direction of SYi Research Institute's efforts.

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