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BIOMODULE Eugenics Biotechnology Module OEM Service



Bio-Transformation Module

BTM BioTransformation Module

Yushen BTM-8 key points of biotech factories you should know

Bioconversion Module

About Experience/
Manufacturer size, history and equipment years

A comprehensive biotechnology service company engaged in the R&D of high-end original raw materials and health food manufacturing.

Yushen Biotech is the company which can provide the worldwide high-end innovation original food/ingredient development, and manufacture the one of the kind health supplement product.


About Ability/

Cycle Production& Scheduling Time

Yushen Biotech's high-end advanced standardized process develops exclusive dosage forms and formulas for customers, and strictly plans strain optimization technology, liquid aseptic filling, probiotic fermentation and embedding technology... and other high-quality integration capabilities to provide first-class efficiency and the most global module OEM service!

YushenBio uses the highest standard process. We customized clients' formula/dosage, plans strictly method of optimization, aseptic liquid filling, probiotics fermentation and embedding technology etc. increases the efficiency of the worldwide OEM/ODM services.


About One-Stop/

Product Design-Laboratory Services-Production-Product Certification-Packaging

We are a full-scale organization that possesses raw material R&D capabilities and integrated services, from medicinal plant cultivation to laboratories, focusing on natural products low-temperature vacuum concentration and high-multiple extraction technology, separation and purification technology, and pharmacological activity analysis methods and development technology of natural products with anti-cancer components. From product formula development to ultra-high standard R&D and manufacturing, we provide honest OEM, a true One-Stop-Service.

YushenBio is a company which combine both the innovation on the original materials/ingredients up to the final product production. From cultivating the herbal plants to the testing lab, focus on High-expansion and low-temperature vacuum concentration extraction technology, Separation/Purification technology for natural products, and Analyze/Develop the pharmacological activity for anti-cancer natural material. We have always follow the highest R&D and production stander for everything; this is the only way we can provide our global clients what we called truly “One-Stop-Service.”


About Certification/

FDA, HACCP, ISO22000, Halal..More

Passed HACCP and ISO 22000 certification.

Commissioned to research and develop an independent HALAL FOOD production line.

Health food license and export certification system package services.

Certified by HACCP and ISO 22000.

Independent production line for HALAL FOOD.


About Quality Control/  

Comply with all market regulatory standards

Yushen Biotech's high-end advanced standardized process provides PRD (Positive R&D). The current customer ODM ratio is as high as 80%. The product and R&D capabilities are nearly four times the industry's, providing first-class efficiency, high-quality and rigorous services!

Yushen Bio uses the highest standard process provide with the Positive R&D, it helps us to reach the ODM clients up to 80%, and the product develop/R&D abilities are 4 times ahead of others in the industry.


About the test/

In-house laboratory quality control services

Bioconversion technology is a technology that can chemically modify certain compounds in raw materials and convert them into compounds with special uses or effects. After bioconversion, color, aroma and sensory evaluation are analyzed. Through strain screening and the establishment of special fermentation processes, it is expected to improve the original health effects and flavor, develop new forms of functional foods, and increase the utilization rate of materials. Special water-phase extraction technology for natural products develops high-efficiency natural Chinese herbal medicine extraction, separation, and purification engineering technology to complete the process development of therapeutic compositions.

Biotransformation is the process whereby a substance is changed from one chemical to another by a chemical reaction within the body. we are expect to improve the functional properties and flavor characteristics and develop new functional product and increase the utilization of material. Natural product special aqueous phase extraction technology based on advanced separation techniques. High efficiency extraction, separation, and purification engineering technologies for Chinese herbal medicine development will be developed. Then a process for manufacturing the composition of scientific Chinese herbal medicines for treatment of diseases will be developed.


About Specifications/

TAF 3414 Advanced Laboratory

In Taiwan, the difficulty of applying for TAF certification is the most difficult of all ISO systems. Continuing the group's rigorous management philosophy and attitude, in 2017, we obtained the TAF International Food and Drug Analysis Laboratory (TAF3414), and will continue to develop new plant drugs with the highest regulatory standards based on our professional preventive medicine and anti-cancer research over the years. Anti-Cancer We Make it Work!

In order to keep up this highest standard on everything we do, in year 2017, we had received “TAF- Taiwan Accreditation Foundation Certificate” (TAF3414); it enhances our strengths on preventive medicine and anti-cancer study/research, also bring us up to another level to go toward on the botanical new drug research/development.


Yushen Bio “Anti-Cancer, We Make it Work!”


About raw materials and packaging/

Upstream and downstream external resource integration

Adhering to the concept of "body nourishment and rest", we provide the most professional ODM, OEM and OBM services, from the research and development of natural products to various cell tests, animal tests and clinical trials, and even the difficult and complicated application for health food brand certification. We have a complete service process, which we call BTM Biotransformation Module.

We have always believed in “natural herbal can help to build a healthier life” for people. In order to pursue this belief, we offer the most professional ODM, OEM, and OBM; from the natural plant research/development to the clinical trials; this process, as what we called “BTM Biotransformation Module.”

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