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Petri Dish




Patented core embedding technology

The core encapsulation technology can protect the embedded substances and reduce their contact with air, thus reducing the degradation of active ingredients and preventing them from being destroyed in a low pH environment.

(1) Storage resistance (2) Processing resistance (3) Stomach acid resistance (4) Antioxidant

Product applications: resveratrol, anthocyanins, flavonoids, etc.


Lipoencapsulation technology

The coating material (phospholipids) of liposomes is the same as the cell membrane of the human body, and has the advantages of high absorption and strong penetration.

Features: (1) Can be decomposed in the body and avoid allergic reactions. (2) Has penetrating and precise transmission. (3) Improves skin absorption and penetration rate.

Enteric coated

Enteric film-coated tablets (vegetarian)

Adding a layer of film to the outside of the tablet can prevent the ingredients from being decomposed prematurely in the gastric juice, allowing the active ingredients to be effectively absorbed in the small intestine and preventing stomach irritation.

(1) Reduce irritation to the stomach and avoid damage by gastric juice (2) Reduce contact with air and prevent moisture to improve its stability (3) Mask the bitter taste of the raw materials and increase palatability



Product applications: Plant extracts, polyphenols and antioxidant active ingredients...etc.



Biochemical changes can be produced by oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis reactions with enzyme catalysis or non-enzyme action, which can increase the content and availability of active ingredients in the product.

Features: (1) Purity (2) Increased bioavailability and absorption rate (3) Transformed into active ingredients such as antioxidants and polyphenols


Product application: polyphenols and ingredients with high antioxidant activity

Film coated

Film-coated tablets (vegetarian)

The properties of the film on film-coated tablets prevent active ingredients from coming into contact with air, causing degradation and ineffectiveness of the ingredients, thereby improving product stability.

Features: (1) Reduce contact with air, prevent moisture and improve stability (2) Can mask and reduce the bitter taste of raw materials

Product Application: Plant extracts, polyphenols and antioxidant active ingredients.

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