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Company History

History of Yushen Biotech


Yusheng Pharmaceutical established a health food business (predecessor of Yushen Biotech)

Recevied food GMP factory license



Established a Chinese medicine factory and a Chinese medicine GMP license

 "Cordyceps PA-101 Research and Development Project" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Science and Technology Special Project



Received the "Cordyceps militaris pharmacologically active ingredient cordycepin PA-102 research and development project" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

1) Prepared the biotechnology factory at

Central Taiwan Science Park 
2) Developed an anti-cancer platform
3) Technology transfer from the Council of Agriculture
4) Development of bioactive metabolites of Poria & Polyporus 



The National Science Council approved the establishment of a biotechnology plant in the Central Taiwan Science Park.

1) Officially moved into the Central Taiwan Science Park
2) Lunched health food certificated- No. 87: FoodCon Cordyceps Militaris Capsule


1. Received the GMP factory certification for biotechnology factories and foods - No. 99048 Health food certification - No. 00170 "Qing Tang Su Capsules" regulate blood sugar function
Received HACCP and ISO 22000 certification


Received the SBIR Phase I-Research and development of Anisomeles indica extract extract from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and published the anti-Helicobacter pylori active ingredient HP-831 Anisomeles indica extract in the international professional journal Food Chemistry

1. Received the Ministry of Economic Affairs SBIR Phase I-Antrodia cinnamomea extract research and development
2. Antrodia cinnamomea YS-187's inhibition of colorectal cancer cells has been published in 4 international medical journals


Received the National Science Council SBIR Phase I-Development of Natural Products that Inhibit Helicobacter Pylori Activity


Received the National Science Council-Development and Research of Anisomeles indica extract extract Whitening and Anti-aging Cosmetics

Received the National Science Council-Research and development of Phellinus igniarius liquid fermentation immune regulation



Received the National Science Council-Optimization technology for solid state culture of Antrodia cinnamomea, Antrodia serrata, and Antrodia cinnamomea Developed the pharmacologically active ingredient (SY-1) of YS-187 Antrodia cinnamomea,Antrodia Cinnamomea pharmacological activity” has received Japan Paten No. #: 5313971 on medical use for colon cancer treatment.

Received the Republic of China patent No. I42594 for oral repair solution containing Antrodia cinnamomea extract for use in the treatment of oral periodontal disease and other medical applications


Received National Science Council-Resveratrol research and product development to reduce cancer cell resistance to radiation Received certification fro organic farming products production and assembly.


Received the Department of Health Health Food Certification No. A00275 "Antrodia Cinnamomea Capsules"

Received the Department of Health Health Food Certification No. A00307 for "Active Vegetarian Capsules"


Received the Department of Health Health Food Certification No. A00314 for "Turmeric Clam Tablets"


In order to present a more complete and global service, Yushen Biotech Group formed an alliance with Taide Health Group in 2019 to become a related enterprise.

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