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Yushen Pharmaceutical Group Public Statement

Dear customers and partners of Eugenics Pharmaceutical Group:

Recently, we have noticed that some unscrupulous people have used the name of our Eugenics Pharmaceutical Group to commit fraudulent acts. We deeply regret this. In order to protect the rights and interests of our customers and partners, we hereby issue a public statement to remind everyone to be vigilant and avoid being deceived.

  1. Official contact information: Yushen Pharmaceutical Group only communicates through the official website, official email and correct social media accounts. Please make sure that your communication partner is our official correct account.

  2. No online fund transfers: We will never ask customers to make remittances or transfers through our online platform. Please be cautious of any requests for personal financial information or online fund transfers.

  3. Be cautious about urgent requests: Criminals often create false urgent situations and ask you to take immediate action. Please treat such requests with caution and contact us at any time to confirm the authenticity of the information.

  4. Protect personal information: Please protect your personal information carefully and do not easily provide identity documents, bank account information or other sensitive information to unknown persons.


We solemnly declare that Yushen Pharmaceutical Group is not involved in any form of fraudulent activities. We will cooperate with law enforcement agencies to investigate any illegal activities that damage our reputation. If you find any suspicious activities in our name, please contact our official customer service immediately for confirmation and support.

We thank you for your trust and support for Yushen Pharmaceutical Group. We will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products and services.

Sincerely, YUSHEN Pharmaceutical Group

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